Lebanese Shunkleesh(Cottage Cheese Balls) Recipe


5 lb Cottage cheese
1 c Butter – melted
5 T Salt
1 c Zahter


Place cottage cheese in cheesecloth sack.Tie top of sack in knot and squeeze out all moisture. Hang bag for 3 days until cheese appears to be completely dry (moisture will drip out slowly, so hang over sink or drain).Remove from sack and add salt – knead well. Roll into balls slightly
larger than golf balls. Lay on a clean cloth and cover with cheesecloth.Place in attic or in shaded area (in dry weather) for 3 days until balls are hard-crusted. Place in an airtight jar for 10 days.Mold will form around the cheese balls and the cheese will take on a dark color. The cheese balls are now ripe and ready for trimming. Trim off mold around balls and dip in melted butter. Roll in zahter. Place in glass jar and refrigerate. Serve with scrambled eggs or as appetizers with Syrian Bread.

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