Lebanese Shawarma Lahma (Shawarma Meat) Recipe


1 kg (64 oz)fillets cut into strips (7 cm length 3 cm thickness)
200 g (7 oz) finely minced fat
2 large onions, peeled and sliced
¼ cup vegetable oil
½ cup vinegar
½ tbs salt
1 tbs ground 7 spices for Shawarma
a dash of ground mastic
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1 tsp cardamom pods


Soak sliced meat in 7 spices, salt, cardamom, mastic, nutmeg, vinegar, and oil for one night.
Fry fat in a heavy pan on medium heat. When it melts, add meat. Stir until golden. Add onion, cover and leave on low heat for 40 minutes or until tender.Serve Shawarma hot with mint leaves, ietaratourl. and tomato slices.

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