Lebanese Magaritsa Recipe

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1 (2 lb) lamb pluck (liver, lungs and other organs together)
1 lb green onion
1 bunch anise
3/4 cup rice
2 tablespoons butter
lemon juice
3 egg
salt and pepper


Boil the pluck and take out the foam.Put salt and let it boil for a while.Take it out and conserve the broth.Cut the pluck into small pieces.Put the broth in a large pot, after passing it through a strainer.Cut the onions and the anise into small pieces, and add them in the broth.Add also the pluck and the butter.Lower the fire and let them boil.When they are almost done, add the rice.Prepare in the meantime the egg and lemon sauce.Beat very well the eggs and add the lemon juice very slowly.Take some of the soup and add it slowly to the sauce.Do the same thing several times, beating always the sauce, add the sauce to the pot, stirring the soup slowly.

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